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The Gabrieleno San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians represents the historical indigenous tribe of the County of Los Angeles and Greater Orange County. Spanning from the Los Angeles Basin to the islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicholas, San Clemente, and Santa Barbara, and from the mountains to the sea, the Gabrieleno/Tongva have maintained an unbroken presence on these ancestral lands since long before European contact.


State recognition-resolution was only granted to the Gabrieleno San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians by the State of California in 1994, solidifying their integral role within the Southern California community. Their legacy is well-documented in records from local Catholic Missions, city records, and archives of both Los Angeles and Orange Counties. While cultural and historic sites abound throughout the County, the Tribal Headquarters remains near the San Gabriel Mission.


Governed by a democratically elected 5-member tribal council the Gabrieleno/Tongva Tribal Council, the Tribe ensures the general operations are conducted efficiently, with oversight from the General Membership during tribal meetings.


The Tribe's vision is centered on nurturing traditional values and ethics for future generations, while safeguarding the foundations of American Indian culture. Preservation of traditional culture is paramount, alongside fostering unity among nations and educating non-Native citizens about their history and culture. With a focus on passing ancestral traditions to their children and educating surrounding communities about their Tribal existence, the Tribe's long-term purpose is clear: to ensure the enduring legacy of their people.

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  • Is to give back our people their identity, self-esteem and the courage to bear no shame as an Native American in today's society.

  • To be vigilant, effective guardians of our lands and ancestral remains.

  • To be wise teachers of our youth so that they will be informed and proud guardians of the ways of our ancestors.

  • To increase our efforts at cultural recovery and renewal: language, song, dance, music, basketry, storytelling, ceremonial and spiritual traditions.

  • To achieve federal recognition of our People.


  • TOGETHERNESS: The San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians survival depends on the combined support of one another... We keep growing with independence and pride.

  • PERSERVERANCE: We as the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians have developed an attitude of perseverance in the face of obstacles in spite of - and perhaps, because of.. the burden of who we are. We must remove all obstacles and let it be known who we are matters!

  • EDUCATION: We as the San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians are at the point where we must educate our People in what no one knows yesterday, and prepare our People for what no one knows today, and begin being counted, so we can be proud of who we are tomorrow.

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