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Date: First Sunday of every month.

Hosted by tribal elders and experienced Tongva Dancers, young members of the Gabrieleno San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians (Tongva) will learn traditional skills, language, and culture via zoom.

These classes are currently for cultural members only. Please contact us via the contact page if you would like to join.

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The Gabrieleno San Gabriel Band of Mission Indians (Tongva) either hosted, participated or were invited guest to these events below:

Compo de Cahuenga Festival-2000

Ceremonial Fire Gathering

South West Museum

Tongva Ceremonial Blessing

Pomona College Pow Wow

Catalina Buffalo Ceremony

Western Days San Dimas

Gabrieleno High School- 9/1994

Ballona Wetlands Blessing

Whittier Narrow Blessing

Indian Springs Naming Cerem.-8/1998

Acorn Festival 

Calabasus Western Days

Kuruvungna Before Columbus

Heritage Park Sejat Pow Wow

Autumn Equinox Ceremony

Tongva Naming Ceremony - 8/2005

Riverside Cultural Center

Democratic National Convention

Ceremonial Summer Solstice

Long Beach Festival

Universal City Heritage Day  

Stough Canyon Native Day

Tongva Peak Dedication - 9/2003

Bear Ceremonial Spring Equinox
California Indian Conference- 6/2000
Whittier Founders Day
Haraokngna Anniversary Celebration
Half time performance Staples Center- 6/2000
Rancho Santa Ana Botanic gardens
Culver City Heritage Day 
Honoring of the Ancestors  Ceremony
Honoring Juana Maria Mural - 6/1995
Winter Solstice Ceremony
Long Beach Aquarium Moompetum 9/    -present
LA Native American Heritage Month
San Gabriel Mission Ground Breaking - 1/1994
Hunting Library Jane Gooding Dedication 4/2004
Sovereignty Walk Santa Barbara
San Gabriel Mission Dedication of Bells
Smith Park Tongva Playground Dedication
California Teachers Association event 
Cathedral- Los Angeles -9/2002

Claremont  4 of July Parade
Elder's Celebration Day
Claremont Heritage Day
Chumash Pow Wow
Foundation Banquet
Rosemead Parade - 7/1994-
Grunion Festival- 8/1996 
Cal Poly pow wow
Raines House
Pobladora Walk
Western days San Dimas
Satwiwa Pow Wow
Honoring Toypurina
Walnut Parade - 2000
Antelope Valley Museum
Wilkerson School
Chino Blessing Ceremony
San Gabriel Fiesta- 9/1950- present
SG Parade Sparky Grand Marshall- 1970
Knotts Berry Farm Performance-

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